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Visiting Częstochowa and need a tour guide?
The city's Jan Długosz University offers visitors English-speaking student guides who are well-versed in the Jewish history of the region.
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Częstochowa, Poland

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A Biographical Guide to our Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery continues to be prepared, containing a register of identified tombstones, short footnotes about the deceased and some detailed biographies.
If you can supply biographies, details of graves and even pictures of people buried in our cemetery, then the authors want to hear from you!
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You can post your suggestions, contributions and comments onto our Yahoo Email Group or email our Webmaster and Email Group Moderator:
Andrew Rajcher



  • Israeli Students Return to Restore and Record Jewish Graves
         August 2015

  •   Once again, this year, Gidonim students from Israel's Reut High School have travelled to Częstochowa to help restore graves at our Jewish Cemetery and to record the details of people buried there.
    Despite all the difficulties posed by the dense vegetation and the state of many of the graves, this year, the Gidonim managed to map around 600 tombstones.
    Click HERE for more.

  • Professor Jerzy Mizgalski Honoured
         21st June 2015

  •   Prof Dr hab Jerzy Mizgalski was been honoured by the Polish and Israeli Governments with the "Laur Pamięci" for his work in preserving Poland's Jewish heritage and for his efforts in promoting Polish-Jewish dialogue.
    The award presentation took place at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador to Poland.
    Click HERE to read more!

  • New York City Mayor Declares "Sigmund Rolat Day"
         11th June 2015

  •   NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio honoured our World Society President, Sigmund Rolat, at the annual Jewish Heritage Month reception at the Jewish Heritage Museum, proclaiming June 11th, 2015, in the City of New York, as "Sigmund Rolat Day".
    Click HERE to read more!

  • Israeli High School Students Visit Częstochowa
         15th April 2015

  •   On the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, one hundred and twenty five students from Israel's Yarkonim High School visited Częstochowa. There, they met with their Polish counterparts from Częstochowa's Biegański Comprehensive Senior High School and visited sites of Jewish significance.
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  • New Israeli Deputy Ambassador Visits Częstochowa
         8th April 2015

  •   Ruth Cohen-Dar, the new Israeli Deputy Ambassador to the Republic of Poland has visited Częstochowa.
    Apart from touring Jasna Góra, she met with Częstochowa Mayor Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk and also visited the Częstochowa TSKŻ.
    Click HERE to read more!

  • Israeli Częstochowa Landsleit Memorial Evening
         26th November 2014

  •   Despite the stormy weather, around 65 First, Second and Third Generation landsleit from around Israel attended the Israeli Assocation's 72nd Annual Memorial Evening.
    As part of the evening, Mayor of Częstochowa, Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, sent his greetings via video.
    Click HERE for more words & pics!

  • Our Webmaster Visits Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery
         10th November 2014

  •   Our Webmaster, Andrew Rajcher, together with local landsleit, Dr Marek Opala, visited our Cemetery. It would appear that the Częstochowa City Council continues to perform maintenance works.
    During their visit, Andrew and Marek noticed a number of local young people taking advantage of the public holiday to walk around the Cemetery.
    Click HERE for more words & pics!

  • Sigmund Rolat - Honorary Professor
         7th October 2014

  •   Our World Society President, Sigmund Rolat, has been made an Honorary Professor of Częstochowa's Jan Długosz Academy.
    The induction took place at a ceremony marking the start of the institution's 44th academic year.
    Click HERE to read more and to view how local
    Częstochowa TV station Telewizja Orion reported on the event.

  • 93 Year Old Jzhak Schein Returns to His Birthplace
         August 2014

  •   Twenty years after his last visit to Poland, 93 year old Jzhak Schein returned to the city of his birth - Częstochowa, this time with nine members of his family - his children, their spouses and his grandchildren.
    Jzhak was in the Częstochowa Ghetto and was liberated from the HASAG slave labour camp.
    Click HERE to read more.


             Irit Amiel, a Holocaust survivor, born in Częstochowa is a prolific poet and writer. She has been nominated twice for the Nike Literary Prize and has been honoured by the City of Częstochowa for her literary achievements
    Click HERE to read her story!

             Halina Wasilewicz is Chairperson of the Częstochowa branch of the TSKŻ, and mother of Kuba. She well known to all who have attended our Reunions. Like the TSKŻ itself, Halina is a true Jewish Częstochowa institution.
    Click HERE to read her story!

             Yaakov (Kuba) Wasilewicz is a Jew, born and bred in Częstochowa. He is well-known to many who have attended our Reunions, being the son of Halina Wasilewicz, Chairperson of the Częstochowa TSKZ.
    Click HERE to read his story!

             Alexander Imich z"l, when he celebrated his 111th birthday this year, officially became the world's oldest male. A Holocaust survivor, born in Częstochowa, Alexander is a witness to what all of us consider "history".
    Click HERE to read his story!


    in Częstochowa, Poland
    2nd-5th October 2012

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    Tuesday, 2nd October 2012
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    Tuesday, 2nd October 2012
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    and TV coverage

    Tuesday, 2nd October 2012
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    Wednesday, 3rd October 2012
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    Wednesday, 3rd October 2012
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    Wednesday, 3rd October 2012
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    Wednesday, 3rd October 2012
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    Thursday, 4th October 2012
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    Thursday, 4th October 2012
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    and TV coverage
    Thursday, 4th October 2012
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    to our President, Sigmund Rolat,
    without whom the Reunion and its activities
    would not have been possible.
    to the Mayor and Council of the
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    World Society Webmaster
    Interviewed on Polish Radio

    While he was in Warsaw, after our Fourth Reunion, our webmaster, Andrew Rajcher, was interviewed by the Kol Polin service of national broadcaster Polskie Radio.

    Andrew was interviewed, in English, by Polskie Radio's
    Hagay Hacohen. To listen to that interview, simply
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