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Latest News

  • Academic Conference on the Jewish History of the Częstochowa Region
         28th March 2017
         (Pics courtesy Alon Goldman. Video courtesy Telewizja Orion.)

  •    The Jewish Museum of Częstochowa was the venue for an academic conference on the history of the Jewish community in the Częstochowa region. It was co-organised by the Jan Długosz Academy, the Częstochowa Municipal Museum, the city's Municipal Archives and the Częstochowa branch of the Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland (TSKŻ).
    The delivery of papers was preceded with a viewing of the Jewish Museum's exhibition, following by one minute's silence in memory of Halina Wasilewicz z"l, the long-time Chairperson of the TSKŻ.
    Papers delivered at the conference will appear HERE, in both Polish and English, as they are received and then translated.

    Click HERE to see how local television station TV Orion covered the event.

  • Purim Celebrations at the Częstochowa TSKŻ
         11th March 2016
         (Source: Krzysztof Jonasz Fydryszek)

  •    Częstochowa's TSKŻ celebrated Purim in fine style with a family event featuring fancy dress, games, songs and lots of fun for all.
    For those of us around the world, who could not be there to share the joy, it was particularly great to see this event take place, knowing that the TSKŻ in Częstochowa and that the spirit of Halina Wasilewicz z"l live on.

    Thank you to everyone who organised this. As a joyful event, it also celebrated the legacy left by a wonderful lady.

  • Israeli Częstochowa Landsleit Memorial Evening
         5th December 2016
         (Source: Alon Goldman)


    Around eighty First, Second and Third Generation attended the Israeli Częstochowa Association's Annual Memorial Evening, in memory of Częstochowa Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

    The MC for the event was actor and Third Generation, Gil Natanson. Kaddish was recited by First Generation Eliezer Kirshenbaum (Lolek), while El Male Rachamim and Tehilim were recited by Second Generation Cantor Joseph Greenfeld.
    Association Chairman and World Society Vice-President, Alon Goldman (pic left), told the audience of the past year's activities aimed at preserving Częstochowa Jewish heritage. These included:
      * the completion of the mapping by the Gidonim of the Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery.
      * the opening of the Częstochowa Jewish Museum and the Fifth Reunion of the World Society of Częstochowa Jews and Their Descendants, which took place in Częstochowa last September and which was attended by landsleit from around the world, among them sixty five from Israel.
      * the renovation and cleaning the mass graves in the Cemetery.
      * the installation a memorial plaque at the basement of Stary Rynek 24.
      * the activity of local Częstochowa high school students in preservating and documenting the Jewish heritage of their city.
      * the meetings between high school students from Israel with Polish high school students.
    Orit Noyman, Director of Yad Vashem's "Picking Up the Pieces" project then spoke about exhibits which had come from Częstochowa. Yiddish language expert, Dr. Mordechai Yushkovsky, also spoke on "The Role of Yiddish in Jewish Culture in the 21st century".

  • Israeli Students Return to Restore and Record Jewish Graves
         August 2016
         (Sources Alon Goldman and Virtual Shtetl per Krzysztof Bielawski)

  •    Once again, this year, the Gidonim, students from Israel's Reut High School have travelled to Częstochowa to help restore graves at our Jewish Cemetery and to record the details of people buried there. This year, they were joined by Polish high school students associated with the Ghetto: a Częstochowa Legacy project.

    Working side by side, the students' hard work again concentrated on revealing and
    documenting tombstones and headstones which were devastated by the Nazis during World War II.


    Our World Society Vice-President, Alon Goldman, had a surprise for one of the Gidonim students - Yiftach Eitan. After a quick search of the archives, Alon presented him with a copy of the birth certificate of his Częstochowa grandmother, Gutka Cieciora, together with photographs of original entries in the Registry books of births, deaths and marriages.
    Later, Yiftach was in for yet another surprise when he would actully get to see the house where his Częstochowa grandmother had once lived.
    The group also met with the World Society's great friend Krzysztof Straus (second from left - pic right), who has done so much, over many years, to help preserve the city's Jewish heritage and who, over recent years has done much to help the Gidonim Project. For his devoted work, Dina Wiener presented him with a special photo collage of pictures of the Gidonim's work in the Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery.
    After several days of hard work, Alon led the Gidonim on a tour of what once was Jewish Częstochowa. They visited the Umschlaplatz, the bunker at Stary Rynek 24, the mass grave on ul.Kawia, the HASAG slave labour camp site, the Umsclagplatz and the Częstochowa Philharmonic where once stood the New Synagogue and where Atir Kahan performed a short concert

    On behalf of all landsleit, AGAIN we say "thank you" to the Gidonim and to all those
    who help aid their efforts in preserving and documenting what to all of us is sacred ground.

  • World Society Vice-President Talks to Częstochowa Students
         January 2016
         (Source: Alon Goldman)

  •    During his latest visit to Częstochowa, World Society Vice-President and Israeli Association Chairman, Alon Goldman, met with students from four local high schools.
    Alon took the opportunity to speak to them about the way his parents, from Pajęczno and Częstochowa, had escaped the Holocaust to Tel Aviv, thereby saving their lives. Sadly, the rest of his family remained in Częstochowa, meeting the fate of other Jews there during the Holocaust.

    The above pictures show Alon addressing students of the Juliusz Słowacki Senior High School.

  • 73rd Anniversary of Częstochowa Ghetto Liquidation Commemorated
         22nd September 2015
         (Pics courtesy City of Częstochowa, video courtesy TV Orion)

  •    Flowers were laid and candles were lit at Częstochowa's Umschlagplatz monument to mark the seventy third anniversary of the liquidation of the Częstochowa "Big Ghetto", when around 40,000 Jews from Częstochowa and the surrounding area were forcibly sent to the Treblinka death camp.
    The City of Częstochowa was represented by Deputy Mayor Krzysztof Łoziński, while the Jewish community was represented by TSKŻ President Halina Wasilewicz and Child Survivor Severyn Szperling.
    The ceremony was also attended by many students from Częstochowa schools.
    Click HERE to view TV Orion's coverage of the event.


  • Professor Jerzy Mizgalski Honoured by Polish and Israeli Governments
         21st June 2015
         (Story and pics courtesy Alon Goldman)

  •    Professor Dr hab Jerzy Mizgalski was been honoured with the "Laur Pamięci" for his work in preserving Poland's Jewish heritage and for his efforts in promoting Polish-Jewish dialogue.
    The award, conferred by the Israeli Embassy in Poland, in conjunction with the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, was presented to Professor Mizgalski on Sunday 21st June at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador to Poland.
    For more than twenty years, Professor Mizgalski has been actively involved in documenting the history and legacy of Częstochowa's pre-War and post-War Jewish community and, in particular, has been educating Częstochowa's young people about the Jewish history of their city.
    From everyone at the World Society, we say, "A well deserved honour, Jurek, and MAZAL TOV!".

  • New York City Mayor Declares "Sigmund Rolat Day"
         21st June 2015
         (Story and pics courtesy

  •    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio honoured our World Society President, Sigmund Rolat, at the annual Jewish Heritage Month reception at the Jewish Heritage Museum, proclaiming June 11th, 2015, in the City of New York, as "Sigmund Rolat Day".
    "Sigmund Rolat has dedicated his life to this goal – Zakhor, in Hebrew – keeping his promise to his older brother to never forget all he saw while living through the Holocaust. This commitment has led Mr. Rolat to become a leader in efforts to preserve Jewish history, promote tolerance and peace, and to ensure that the atrocities of the Holocaust are never forgotten. And tonight, I am proud to honour all he has contributed to Jewish heritage," Mayor de Blasio told the hundreds of attendees.
    "His efforts have rebuilt landmarks in Poland, created exhibits depicting life there before, during and after the Holocaust and have reunited families separated during the war. His work spearheading the development of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, which highlights the long history of Jewish life in Poland, is further evidence of Mr. Rolat’s leadership in preserving both Jewish and Yiddish culture," he added.
    "I think that Sigmund has reminded us that all those who sought to defeat this community, and its culture – and to make it something that was impossible to survive – the last laugh has gone to those like Sigmund who believe that they can rebuild and restore," de Blasio declared.

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